About me

Video director, Photographer and a writer. When I was five years old, whilst all the kids have waited for their favorite show on television, I’ve waited for the commercials break; I’ve loved watching every new commercial that was aired, analyse commercials, imagine how I would make them different and write new scripts.

I have always documented my enviroment with my polaroid camera, and intrigued by music and computers. Back then, in the 90’s, computers were a “geeks only” thing, though as a autodidact I began drawing animations on my parents’ computer and have sent them to MTV’s “Total Request” show, those animations have aired many times. Needless to say, it made me a little cooler at school 馃檪

Years have passed by, that Polaroid camera was replaced by a proffessional camera, and videos that I’ve either directed / edited / photographed / wrote (or altogether) have replaced those short animations that I’ve created as a little girl.

After studying cinema / video editing / acting etc in various countries such as London, Sweden & Israel, my artistic skills and creations have been translated to a well recognized works both in Israel and worldwide…

Sahar Golovaty | Director, Photographer

If you would like to work with me, contact me here: Sahargolovaty@gmail.com